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We love Iris Finsilver!

Retaining a Lawyer is a stressful event,and usually the result of a more stressful event. You place your life in a strangers hands,and you hope they care about it as much as you do………but you can only hope. To find a Lawyer like Iris Finsilver is one in a million,she is so knowledgeable and experienced,so calm and collected,she is simply amazing. I have never written a review before,for anything,but she helped me and my mom so much and she cared so much about my moms case,we will always retain Iris in the future( if we need her). For over a year Iris has been fighting to help my mom in a financial battle with her ex-husband and his villainous attorney,and she crushed him every time they went to court. Iris truly is a master of her craft and even when the other attorney resorted to tricks and lies, Iris was able to defeat him every time. She was always prepared, knowledgeable and always told us truthfully what was going on. Having Iris on our side made us feel strong and safe and you could do no wrong to retain her

- (5 star review)

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