Iris J. Finsilver

After graduating from Michigan State University,  Ms. Finsilver went on to take the Michigan Bar exam in 1986 and began practicing law in 1987.  She later moved to California, where she currently resides and practices law, and was admitted to the California Bar Association in 1989.  For nearly three decades, Attorney Iris J. Finsilver has dedicated her legal practice to helping individuals with all aspects of family law. She is passionate about helping people live better lives through good, honest legal counsel in the times when they need it most and has dedicated her entire practice to this one practice area.

Whether you want to be proactive about your upcoming marriage by getting a prenuptial agreement, or you and your partner are ready to add to your family through adoption, Attorney Finsilver and her team are ready to help.

Attorney Finsilver understands that many family law cases are emotionally charged, and more often so in a negative way. Ms. Finsilver and her team do all that they can to take the work and stress off of you while you simply work to get through this season of life. From preparing paperwork and negotiating on your behalf, she works for you so that you can maintain your life as best possible while you work through this time. The legal field is filled with jargon that is not commonly used in daily life, and Attorney Finsilver will explain all of the actions of your case in plain English yet in a manner that is not insulting to your intelligence. She simply wants to make your experience as positive as possible. She is always available to answer your questions so that you understand what is happening and she involves you every step of the way.

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